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Natalie Portman wins internet with new Thor: Love and Thunder makeover


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Pictures of Hollywood actor Natalie Portman’s buffed physique in the upcoming Marvel Studios film Thor: Love and Thunder are going viral across social media.

Natalie Portman, who will play the role of astrophysicist Jane Foster, admitted of working hard at the gym to get into the role. The pictures see her with her buffed toned arms. 

Here’s what netizens had to say.

The Star Wars star, in a previous interview, said she worked with trainer Naomi Pendergast for four months during the film’s shooting. 

“It was really fun,” she said as quoted in the report. “I worked with a trainer, Naomi Pendergast, for, I think it was, four months before shooting, and then obviously all the way through filming.”

She added: “We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes — heavyweight training that I haven’t ever done before.”

The actor said admitted to having never aimed to get into such a physique. 

“It was very physical, so it was a lot of both agility work and also strength work,” she said.

Thor: Love and Thunder tells the story of Thor who seeks the help of Valkyrie, Korg and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster to battle Gorr the God Butcher to save the gods.

Chris Hemsworth will reprise the role of Thor in the upcoming film. Natalie Portman will be seen as Jane Foster / Mighty Thor. Tessa Thompson will appear as Valkyrie.

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The film, based on the comics by Stan Lee and Jason Aaron, is directed by Taika Waititi. He has co-written the film alongside Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, Stan Lee and Jason Aaron.

It is a joint production by Victoria Alonso, Louis D’Esposito, Kevin Feige and Todd Hallowell.

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