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Vidya Balan’s reply to a reporter’s body shaming question is all you need to hear today!

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan was irked when she was asked a sexist and body shaming question about when she would loss weight and work in a glamourous role.

“I am very happy with my work,” she told the reporter who perhaps attempted to body shame her. “It would be better if you change your perspective.”

The actress is currently on a tour to promote her upcoming film “Tumhari Sulu” and received the ‘Outlook Business Women of Worth of the Year’ award earlier this week.

Amidst claiming of sexual harassment in the film industry, Vidya has said she believes that Bollywood is sexist too and she faced the sexism during the early days of her career.

“The film industry has been really nice to me. I’m quite head-strong. But I think it can really be sexist. In the initial phase of my career, I did face a fair amount of sexism. I used to be really angry about that.”

“I was told he has been given dates, so you have to work around them, but I was never asked like that. The male actor would always get a bigger van, a bigger hotel. People would always say like, ‘do you need to listen to story?” she said.

The actor shared that she has been very lucky to have stepped into the industry with a movie like Parineeta, as no one questioned the set of rules she set for herself.

“I was lucky I got into the business with a movie like Parineeta, no one questioned the rules I set for myself. I have been told that a female actor’s life is not much, so you have to look younger. You got to look glamorous. I always told myself no, it is not like that,” she noted.

When asked if she is a feminist, she explained, “I’m a feminist I am not anti-men. There is a huge difference between them. I believe I have the equal right to breathe, live and lead my life as a man does.”

She also shared that her dream is to act for next forty years as she enjoys the work she does. She shared, “I want to keep acting for next 40 years. This is what I enjoy doing. Nothing has changed since I first decided to be an actor. I don’t have specific goals, I just want to work.”



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