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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Indians launch website against Modi


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Web Desk
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Titled as www.Modifail.com, the website describes in detail ‘failures’ of the Modi government in various sectors of India.

The AJA in its statement said it was a broad coalition of progressive organizations launching a campaign to hold Modi accountable for past and present attacks on the freedoms and human rights of Indian communities.

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AJA also held a protest at the SAP Center on September 27, 2015 under the banner #ModiFail, to expose the realities behind Modi’s alleged “accomplishments.” The Alliance will also reach out to elected officials and corporate leaders in the US to inform them about Modi’s failed and regressive policies that negatively impact human rights, religious freedoms, the environment, and overall: shrink the space for civil liberties under his rule.

Pieter Friedrich with the Sikh Information Center at the Alliance, said: “Silicon Valley leaders and the general American public need to recognize how dangerous Modi’s record in office is. Rather than offering Modi and his supporters an opportunity to whitewash his past crimes and gloss over his present policies, we ask them to hold Modi and his government accountable for the severe threat to the freedoms and rights of all Indians.”

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