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British MP Naz Shah slams govt for not tackling rising Islamophobia

British MP, Naz Shah has harshly criticized the government for failing to address the rising issue of Islamophobia. In the opening of a parliamentary debate...

British MP Naz Shah named among 500 most influential Muslims

British MP Naz Shah has become the newest entry to an international list of 500 most influential Muslims around the world. The 500 Most Influential...

British MP Naz Shah to present argument against ‘forced cremation’ in UK parliament

The Coronavirus Bill would give local authorities the power to direct cremations in the disposal of bodies. This is forbidden in Islam and Judaism.

‘Embarrassing’ – UK MP on her experience at new Islamabad Airport

ISLAMABAD: Social media is rife with reports of mismanagement at new Islamabad Airport. The grumbles on the cyberspace proved true when UK’s Labour Party...

Twelve British Pakistanis who won in the UK elections

LONDON: Twelve British-Pakistanis won the snap general elections held in the United Kingdom on June 8 to successfully become members of the House of...

UK MP raises question over lenient action against Altaf Hussain

LONDON: Member of UK Parliament Naz Shah on Thursday raised question over lenient action against Founder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Altaf Hussain’s violence instigating speech which led to attack on media houses in Karachi on August 22, ARY News reported.

UK MP accuses Pakistani officials of ‘possible cover-up’ in Shahid’s case

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: British Member of Parliament Naz Shah has raised concerns after a post-mortem report found Samia Shahid, who died in Pakistan in a suspected case of ‘honour killing’, had bruising around her neck.

Pakistani origin candidates who emerged victorious in UK elections

Ten Pakistani origin British citizens were elected in the 2015 UK elections on Thursday. Lets's take a look at the profile of these winners.