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Russia’s new nuclear submarine test launches Bulava intercontinental missile

Russia's new nuclear-powered submarine Imperator Alexander III carried out a successful test launch of the Bulava ballistic missile, designed to carry nuclear warheads, the...

Bear, cub shot dead after climbing on board Russian nuclear submarine

A mother bear and her cub have been shot dead after swimming aboard a Russian nuclear submarine close to the Rybachiy village, where the Navy's Pacific Fleet has a base.

British submarine yard evacuated but no nuclear incident

A shipyard in northern England that builds Britain’s new generation of nuclear submarines was evacuated on Wednesday but the atomic safety regulator said there had been no nuclear incident.

‘Prince Vladimir’: Russia floats out most advanced nuclear submarine

MOSCOW: Russia has floated out the first modernised Project 955A strategic nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, the Prince Vladimir, in the latest effort to dominate...