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Thieves disguised as wedding guests make off with jackpot in Punjab


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A robbery incident was reported in Punjab, where two underage thieves, posing as guests, stole hundreds of thousands of rupees and valuable mobile phones.

According to details, two young thieves reportedly stole large sums of money and expensive mobile phones after switching off the power of the wedding hall.

In the police report, the victim pleaded that the two thieves stole the bride’s purse and disappeared as soon as the lights were switched off.

The wallet contained a mobile phone worth Rs 400,000 and Rs 1.9 million in cash.

The bride’s father, Tariq, has submitted an application at the city police station, while the police revealed that both thieves had also eaten with the wedding guests before the incident occurred.

Last year, in an alleged encounter with Sachal Police, one suspected robber was shot dead, while his arrested accomplice made some important revelations during the investigation.

The two-member gang – primarily targeting wedding houses in Karachi – was busted, and the arrested individual, Yasir, has provided vital revelations during an investigation.

In a special interview with an ARY News correspondent, the arrested suspect confessed about the robberies they used to commit, exclusively in wedding homes.

In his confession, the alleged robber revealed that they used to conduct a ‘recce’ of the house before committing the robbery. Yasir further stated that the car they used to conduct the robbery was taken out on rent.

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In a video statement, the accused revealed that they had previously looted a house in Bahria Town a year and a half ago and got caught by security when they attempted to target another house in the same car.

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