Biryani is undoubtedly the most favorite dish of Karachites, which can never be refused at any time of the day. Karachi has a huge number of varieties of the dish and one of them is unique Jumma Biryani.


The love of Biryani compels the residents of Karachi to explore various options for the dish, in the search of a perfect plate, and there is absolutely no question that they are quite particular about their Biryani, and cannot compromise on the taste and spices.

Earlier, the famous Nalli Biryani of Liaquatabad got the hype from a foodie’s video on social media and went on to become a sensation, with everyone from the city having the urge to try it, unbothered of long queues.

This time again, yet another Biryani spot has been discovered by Karachites, which is available just once a week.

Yes, that’s true, the famous ‘Jumma Biryani’ near Bambino Cinema in Saddar Town of Karachi, can be enjoyed only on Fridays (Jumma), hence the name. As per the owners of the stall, they have been selling this Beef Biryani for around six to seven years now.

“We constantly strive to make improvements in the taste of Biryani, which can be confirmed from the people having it.”

Long queues of people awaiting their turns patiently with the tokens on the stall of Jumma Biryani can be witnessed in this special coverage of ARY news.

One of the ladies in the queue, to get her hands on the special meal mentioned that she had been waiting for 15 minutes, while another enthusiast revealed that he had traveled from Hyderabad just to have the meal from the particular stall.

Have you tried this special Jumma Biryani? If not, unfortunately, you have to wait for next week to get into the queue.

It can be tried at home as well as demonstrated in Good Morning Pakistan.