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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Tag: Cholistan

Punjab govt to lend free agricultural lands to 20,000 farmers of Cholistan

Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Illahi on Friday announced to lend agricultural lands to 20,000 farmers of Cholistan through a draw, ARY News reported.  CM...

Police arrest three for digging Cholistan archeological sites

AHMEDPUR EAST: Local police in a raid arrested three accused allegedly involved in excavation of archeological sites in Cholistan for theft of antique items,...

Poachers open fire at Wildlife officials in Cholistan desert

Former MNA Tanvir Hussain Shah and people accompanied with him opened fire at the Wildlife officials, according to the police report.

Swarms of locusts descend in Cholistan, eat up standing crops

Local farmers were trying to push them out of the area on self help basis with traditional means including beating metal cans.

Plant Protection Department conducts anti-locust spray in Cholistan

Several swarms of locusts, a specie of grasshoppers, eat up plants, grass and shrubs and deprived villages from greenery in the areas adjoining Ahmedpur East after their descend in the region.

Fresh swarms of locusts descend in Cholistan, pose threat to cotton crop

According to the FAO’s Locust Watch report, there remains a risk of further breeding, causing locust numbers to increase, with the possibility of swarm formation from late September onward.

Solar scale-up in Pakistan hits roadblock after payments slashed

BAHAWALPUR: An effort to boost large-scale solar energy production in Pakistan has hit a roadblock after the government cut the rate it pays for solar electricity, frustrating investors.