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Sugar price shoots to Rs220 per kg

Sugar price spiked to a record high of Rs220 per kg in retail markets of Balochistan, ARY News reported on Friday. The sugar that was...

Man shoots PS4 over quarrel with stepson

The man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

Teenager accidentally records his shooting death on mobile phone

A man has reportedly gunned down his nephew who was filming a video on the mobile phone.

Bollywood to resume shoots but virus rules dull its shine

A nationwide coronavirus lockdown was imposed in India since late March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hira Mani wants showbiz industry to not take child actors for granted

She said children should be treated with love and respect on sets.

Police arrest suspects of hotel firing incident in Karachi

'Investigation into matter was underway with help of CCTV footage'

Dancing FBI agent accidentally shoots bar patron in Denver

DENVER: An off-duty FBI agent dancing wildly at a downtown Denver bar accidentally shot a man in the leg when the agent tried to...

US school student with two guns shoots teacher

INDIANA, US: A student armed with two handguns shot a teacher and another student at a school in Indiana on Friday, and media reports...

Toddler shoots playmates at Michigan daycare

CHICAGO: Two toddlers were hospitalised in serious condition after a playmate accidentally shot them with a loaded gun at a daycare in the US...

Chinese official shoots two, kills self at party meeting: reports

BEIJING: A high-ranking city official in China burst into a government meeting Wednesday and shot the mayor and city party secretary before killing himself, state...

Indian teen shoots himself in head taking selfie with gun

NEW DELHI: An Indian teenager accidently shot himself in the head with his father's gun while trying to take a "selfie" photograph, police said Sunday, the latest in a series of such accidents.

Attacker shoots six dead at Saudi education department offices

RIYADH: An attacker opened fire at local education department offices in southern Saudi Arabia on Thursday, killing six employees in what authorities are treating as a criminal attack, a senior Saudi official said.

Dog named Trigger shoots owner in the foot in Indiana

INDIANA: A dog named Trigger shot his 25-year-old owner in the foot in a bizarre accident that had Indiana officials on Monday reminding hunters to take safety lessons.

Texas teen fatally shoots himself while taking selfie

AUSTIN: A 19-year-old Texas man who was posing with a gun for a social media selfie photo accidentally shot himself and died from the wounds, Houston police said on Wednesday.

Man shoots armadillo, gets hit in face by bullet ricochet

TEXAS: An East Texas man was wounded after he fired a gun at an armadillo in his yard and the bullet ricocheted back to hit him in his face, the county sheriff said on Friday.

Man shoots women for not singing Happy Birthday to his girlfriend

MINESSOTA: A man was sentenced to 27 years in prison after shooting three women at a birthday party after they refused to sing "Happy Birthday" to his girlfriend.

Russian woman accidentally shoots herself while taking selfie

MOSCOW: A young Russian woman accidentally shot herself in the head with a pistol while posing for a selfie, Russian news agencies reported Friday, citing police.

Man shoots judge, lawyer, co-defendant in Milan courthouse

MILAN: A man on trial for bankruptcy shot dead a judge, a lawyer and a co-defendant in the Palace of Justice in central Milan on Thursday, emergency services said.

Boy shoots 18-month-old brother in US

NASHVILLE: A 3-year-old boy shot his 18-month-old brother in the head in rural Tennessee and investigators are trying to determine how he gained access to the handgun, authorities said.