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Pakistani brothers who live with more than 100 snakes in their house

The first snake that was bought by the brothers was a sand boa, by Hassan who was at the time 22 years old. The animal seller had sold it to him for 15 pounds. The brothers credit the cartoon series Jungle Book as the reason for their obsession with snakes.

A few months later they took their obsession to the next level and also bought an Indian Rock Python for 150 pounds. The brothers also own species such as  albino, pythons, etc.


They also imported 16 pythons from Oklahoma City, USA and have now more than 100 snakes in total. At first, all the snakes in their houess troubled their neighbours to a great deal, so much so that they filed a complaint against them. However, now they are popularly referred to as the ‘Python Brothers’.


To take care and feed so many snakes, it costs the brothers almost as much as 1500 pounds per month. They have recently setup a NGO zoo- The Wildlife Experience Center, in North Nazimabad.




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