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Karachi: Online taxi driver says decided against suicide at the last moment


Afzal Khan
Afzal Khan
Afzal Khan serves as crime reporter for ARY News Karachi

KARACHI: In shocking turn of events, online taxi driver Tahir Mehmood who threatened to commit suicide, returned home alive, ARY News reported. 

The incident occurred yesterday when a young online taxi driver, who was facing financial hardships, reportedly jumped into the sea as rescue efforts were made for his recovery.

Speaking to ARY News today, online taxi driver Tahir Mehmood said that he had a fight with his wife and went to Karachi’s Do Darya (seaside), where he informed his wife on call that he was committing suicide.

However, he changed his mind and was walking back when four individuals sprayed hazardous substance at him, leaving him unconscious.

Upon regaining consciousness, Tahir found himself in Nazimabad, with his mobile phone, identity card, and other belongings missing.

He then managed to reach his home on foot, where his wife and brother took him to hospital.

Tahir said that the next morning, his parents and cousin also arrived and he recorded his statement at Shah Faisal police station.

Yesterday, Moments before jumping into the sea, Tahir Mehmood, a resident of Shah Faisal Colony made a video call to his wife and said, “I am committing suicide. Stay happy”.

Later, the police recovered Tahir Mahmood’s car some distance from the beach. According to the police, Tahir Mehmood is an online taxi driver, who has two marriages and was ‘tired’ of family disputes at home due to financial problems.

His father said that “Tahir Mahmood made a video call to his second wife and said he was committing suicide. He has been missing since then. Tahir Mehmood is the father of two girls.”

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