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Monday, May 20, 2024

Tag: bizarre

Man parks vans on building roof to avoid fines, pictures go viral

The man said the people should not make a fuss as it will not affect the building.

Finland’s bizarre fielding set-up against England, video goes viral

Finland's bizarre fielding set-up against England during European Championship Cricket has gone viral as you don’t see a slips cordon like this very often...

WATCH: Diver encounters bizarre hairy creatures strolling across the seabed

Susan Gardner, 64, filmed the weird creatures throughout an early-morning dive in Lake Price Lagoon close to Palm Seaside, Florida.

Bizarre: Woman drives car with swarm of bees, photo goes viral

She was actually having a conversation on the phone while the bees buzzed around her

WATCH: Strange, pricey sea creatures washed up on UK beach

A log packed with a strange and highly expensive sea creature identified as 'gooseneck barnacles' was washed ashore on a beach in the UK.

Indian village terrified by bizarre goat with human-like features

NEW DELHI: Many people were left stunned and shocked after the footage of the bizarre mutant goat was posted online. The goat was discovered in...