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Man uses trash can to catch alligator, video goes viral


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The Reddit video of a man catching an alligator with a wheelie trash can have gone viral on social media.

The chilling video was shared on the social media website Reddit.

The clip shows the man and the alligator face to face and he was trying to avail a trash bin for his help.

He slowly approaches the alligator with the garbage can that had its lid open. The creature is then seen crawling backwards. The man succeeds in catching the gator before a person approaching him with a mobile in his hand.

Like always, the social media reactions were mixed with some applauding his dangerous method while others said that he should have left it to the professionals.

Video: Alligator sneaks up on a group of friends

Earlier, a large-sized alligator was rescued after spending several days trapped in a storm drain in a Florida neighbourhood.

Moreover, Artefacts dated 6,000-years-old were found from inside an alligator’s stomach after it was captured by a hunter.

The report mentioned that a hunter named John Hamilton had caught the huge 13ft beast that had an astounding weight of 750lb. He then took it to Shane Smith who processed the sea creature with him.

The alligator, captured in Mississippi, was dissected and the hunter was astounded to see an arrowhead along with a plummet.

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