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Unilever to spin off ice cream business, cut 7,500 jobs

Unilever said on Tuesday it would spin off its ice cream unit, home to popular brands such as Magnum and Ben & Jerry's, and...

Woman pranks Turkish ice cream vendor, video goes viral

Turkish ice cream vendors are frequently seen pranking customers by not giving them the cone until they get frustrated.

British ‘store cupboard classics’ get a makeover – as ice cream

Ever wondered what baked bean ice cream tastes like? Londoners basking under Britain's hottest ever summer are getting the chance to find out, and sample...

Dog licks ice cream poster, video goes viral

The clip was shared on the micro-blogging social media application Twitter by user Buitengebieden.

Ice cream bowl explodes in the kid’s face, injures him badly

A ball-shaped ice cream container found by a minor boy, in an Indian city, exploded in his hands as he began playing with it....

No chocolate or ice cream ads for kids as Spain tackles obesity

Spain will ban advertising of unhealthy foods and drinks like chocolate, biscuits and ice cream aimed at children to help fight obesity in young...

Will you try this mango ice cream dish with cheese in it?

Social media users are making fun of it

‘World’s most expensive’ ice cream with 23-carat gold costs Rs132,000

Ever wondered a scoop of ice cream could cost more than gold? Recently, a cafe in Dubai claimed to make the world’s most expensive...

Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories

JERUSALEM: Consumer goods giant Unilever decided that subsidiary Ben & Jerry's will stop selling ice cream in Israeli-occupied territories. The Ben & Jerry's announcement on...

Schoolgirl, 9, killed by fatal reaction after just ‘one lick’ of ice cream

A nine-year-old British schoolgirl was killed by a fatal allergic reaction after just 'one lick' of ice cream while spending a Spanish family holiday.

WATCH: Scientists create meat-flavoured ice-cream

In a first, scientists have prepared a meat-flavoured ice-cream at the Minsk Institute for Meat and Dairy.

Top ice cream maker puts end to ads targeting kids

Wall’s and Magnum ice cream maker Unilever will stop advertising its food and beverages to children under the age of 12

Watch: ‘Greatest’ theft ever captured on film

One of the greatest theft ever captured on film is doing rounds on social media and it does not involve amounts or goods worth of millions or billions.

Ice cream maker sued for ‘deceiving customers’

Ehlers said less than half the milk and cream actually came from “happy cows,” with the rest coming from “factory-style, mass-production

No, Ice cream and Gelato are not the same thing!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Ice cream and Gelato are not the same thing. Though Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, the similarities ends...

Ice Cream Traditions Around the World

Ice cream is one dessert that is loved and appreciated universally.  But with the difference in preference on how to delve this delicacy countries...

Drake bought $10,000 worth ice cream and distributed it around the city

LOS ANGELES: Drake is doing his best to be known as the nice guy of rap, and his latest attempt might just get him...

Pope becomes ice cream man for a day

Here’s the scoop: Pope Francis became an ice cream man for a day on Monday as Rome charity workers dished out 3,000 helpings of...

Turkish ice cream vendor trolls Aamir Khan

Turkish ice cream is more popular because of the vendors’ jugglery than its taste, though it tastes scrumptious. You must have seen videos of vendors...

Eureka! Japan invents Ice cream that does not melt

A lot of people really hate it when ice cream melts over their hands, while they are eating it, and create a sticky mess....