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Tag: pizza

Nestle set to sell $5 pizza, sandwiches

Nestle will market a new, $5 line of frozen pizzas and protein-enriched pastas in the United States which it says it designed specifically for...

Friends fly to Italy for Pizza, find it cheaper than London

Two friends hailing from the United Kingdom flew to Italy on a day trip to get pizza and found out that the trip was...

Where’s the beef? US man sues restaurant over Mexican Pizza filling size

Frank Siragusa is seeking upwards of $5 million from the chain for "unfair and deceptive trade practices."

Pizza restaurant offers to delay payments until customers die

Hell Pizza, a renowned pizza chain based in New Zealand, has introduced a rather unconventional proposition to its customers: the option to "buy now,...

Domino’s Pizza warns of challenging delivery business

Domino's Pizza on Thursday warned of a slowdown in its delivery business as consumers opt to cook at home instead of ordering in, sending...

Man finds glass shards in pizza, shares pictures online

A Mumbai resident took to his Twitter to share pictures of glass shards which were allegedly found in a pizza that he had ordered. The...

Pizza delivery guy saves children from burning house, video goes viral

Authorities said the pizza delivery man has impressed people with his selflessness and bravery

Women mercilessly attack pizza chain’s female employee, video goes viral

People made videos of the brutal attack instead of helping the victim.

Viral video: Baby tries pizza for first time, her reaction is super relatable

Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods among children and elders in the world.

Here’s why round pizza comes in a square box

Among children and elders, pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods in the world. Many of you must have noticed that pizza comes...

Shakira loves how this pizza was ordered! watch viral video

Shakira herself came up with a hilarious reaction

Security cam shows burglar making pizza while robbing store

Security camera captured the suspected burglar making himself a pizza dinner after allegedly stealing $500 cash from a store.

How to make a pizza with NO pizza ingredients

In a video posted last week, Mechelle Malto, from the Philippines, posted the ‘pan pizza’ hack, which she says she uses when she’s feeling too lazy to make dough.

WATCH: Wild bear enters home looking for pizza

In a terrifying incident, a hungry wild black bear, following the wonderful aroma emanating from pizza boxes, entered into a house in Ontario, Canada.

World’s third largest pizza chain apologises after delivering Swastika pizza

Two employees of the pizza chain have been fired after the incident

Wasim Akram makes pizza for family with love

Shaniera says he is enjoying cooking in quarantine.

WATCH: Chef “breaks Guinness record” for most varieties of cheese on pizza

A pizza restaurant in France has claimed that it has set a new "world record" by cooking up a pizza featuring 257 different varieties of cheese.

Delivery rider risks 18 years for spitting on pizza

The footage showed the delivery man, identified as Burak S., spitting on the pizza and recording the moment on his mobile phone. His motive was unknown.

Stoned-baked pizza? South African eatery can oblige

If you're keen on pizza but Regina, Margherita or Hawaiian isn't your bag, you can aim higher with a South African eatery proud to unveil one featuring cannabis.

Papa John’s founder accuses CEO’s team of misconduct

NEW YORK: Papa John’s International Inc founder John Schnatter, who is trying to regain control of the pizza chain after resigning as chairman in...