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Caught on cam: Man stabbed, tied to bike and dragged through streets

A barbaric murder incident was reported from India’s Noida city, where an individual was stabbed, tied to a motorbike, and dragged through the village...

Miraculous escape for couple after speeding pick-up truck, hits bike

In a horrific accident reported from India's Rajasthan state, a couple had a miraculous escape after their two-wheeler was hit by a pick-up truck....

Man’s ‘Jugaad’ to carry eight people on bike gets applauded

A video went viral on social media platforms in which a man rode a two-wheeler with at least seven or eight other people riding...

Bike lifter gang busted in Karachi

KARACHI: The police on Tuesday busted a bike-lifting gang in Karachi and arrested its four members in the metropolis, ARY News reported.  According to the...

Road rage incident: Car driver drags bike for 1 km: watch video

A shocking video of a road rage incident in India has surfaced and gone viral on social media platforms. In the viral video, said to...

Viral video: Man sets bike on fire, damages police post

Police had slapped Nadeem for allegedly staring at a woman in India's capital Delhi.

VIRAL: Man tied to bike and dragged for not paying debt

A young man from Odisha India was tied to a motorbike and dragged for over two kilometres after failing to pay the amount he...

Viral: Locals rescue man and his bike swept away in rain

Heavy rains over the last few days have caused flooding and waterlogging in many parts of Hyderabad, India. Rain's impact is visible in videos...

WATCH: Father narrowly saves his child from out-of-control car

XINGU: Parents have often natural instincts to save their kids from any kind of danger. Recently, a protective father was caught on camera saving...

VIRAL: Man burns bike on the road for this weird reason

Prithviraj Gopinathan had enough of the problems he was facing and took matters to his hands.

Poor man carries dead son’s body on bike after ambulance demanded INR10,000

A video of a man from India carrying his dead son's body on his bike for 90 km after an ambulance service asked for...

Man nearly gets hit by train after bike falls on track, video goes viral

The horrifying footage was captured on a surveillance camera in Mumbai.

‘Pakistan to export mobile phones, bikes in next few years’

FAISALABAD: Adviser to the Prime Minister on Investment and Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood said on Saturday Pakistan will start exporting mobile phones and motorcycles...

Man narrowly escapes being hit by train, bike crushed: Watch video

Hair-raising footage of the incident has gone viral on social media

WATCH: Biker accidentally set on fire when sprayed with sanitizer

A biker was accidentally set on fire while being sprayed with sanitizer at a drive-through traffic stop in India.

Watch: Thief steals bike in 13 seconds

The thief just took 13 seconds to unlock the bike in Karachi.

Muhammad Azam Battiyon Wala displays his love for Pakistan through his love for bikes

Karachi: 50+ Muhammad Azam Chohan puts youngsters to shame with his passion and love for his country which he puts on display every 14th...

This youngster from Balochistan visited 132 cities on his CD-70 to promote the message of peace.

Balochistan: Abdullah Al Noor, a youngster from Balochistan covered a distance of 8,000 plus kms on his CD 70 to promote the message of...

Commutes on foot or bicycle tied to lowered risk of heart attack or stroke

LONDON: Commuters who abandon their cars in favor of walking or biking to work are less likely to develop heart disease or to die...

Traveling on foot or bike tied to lowered risk of heart attack or stroke

UNITED KINGDOM: Commuters who abandon their cars in favor of walking or biking to work are less likely to develop heart disease or to...