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‘Was made to sit on the floor…’: Muneeb Butt recalls ‘running away’ from humiliating audition

Pakistan’s A-list TV actor Muneeb Butt recalled the struggling days of his acting career when he 'ran away' from an audition after being humiliated...

‘It all started while playing football…’: Muneeb Butt recalls his first acting gig

Muneeb Butt recalled his first acting gig as a junior artist in the brand commercial, as he got honest about his journey to being...

‘Auditioned among 40-50 people but was not selected’: Muneeb Butt recalls auditioning for THIS Sajal Aly drama

Pakistan’s A-list TV actor Muneeb Butt recalled the struggling phase of his career and revealed he auditioned for one of the hit plays, starring...

Amal or Miral? Who Muneeb Butt is closer to?

Pakistan’s A-list TV actor Muneeb Butt, who is a proud father of two daughters, shared who he is closer to, Amal or Miral. Watch ARY...

Forever to go: Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt celebrate five years of marriage

Celebrity couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt, who tied the knot in November 2018, celebrated five years of their marriage on Thursday. Watch ARY News...

Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt share a glimpse of their baby girl: See pics

Celebrity couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt shared a glimpse of their newborn baby girl in the birthday pictures of their elder daughter. Watch ARY...

Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt welcome a baby girl

Showbiz couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt have welcomed their second child together, a baby girl. Watch ARY News live on live.arynews.tv Congratulations are in order for...

Minal Khan refused to do a project with me: Muneeb Butt

Muneeb Butt revealed in a recent chat show appearance that sister-in-law Minal Khan turned down a project with him. The celebrity couple Aiman Khan and...

Aiman Khan suffered injuries in gas explosion at home

Actor Aiman Khan has suffered minor injuries in the unfortunate accident at their home, confirmed her husband, Muneeb Butt. On Monday, it was reported that...

Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt’s house partially damaged in gas explosion

Pakistan's well-known showbiz industry couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt's home was partially damaged in a gas cylinder explosion, ARY News reported on Monday. Fortunately,...

Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt celebrate 4th wedding anniversary

The real-life showbiz couple, Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on Wednesday. 'Baydardi' actor shared a glimpse of the intimate midnight...

Viral video: Muneeb Butt celebrates Pakistan’s Asia Cup win over Afghanistan

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan by a wicket with four balls to spare.

Muneeb Butt shares picture of daughter Amal’s first day at school

Millions of Instagram users have liked Muneeb Butt's picture.

‘Siyasat nahi Riyasat bachao’: Muneeb Butt demands general elections

Actor Muneeb Butt slammed the federal government after the latest hike in fuel prices and demanded general elections immediately. Turning to his Twitter handle, Thursday,...

Muneeb Butt sings about Aiman Khan in NFAK tune; video goes viral

Muneeb Butt's rendition of the classic song was about Aiman Khan's knack on her knack of pictures.

VIRAL: Muneeb Butt’s sweet gesture of love for Aiman Khan wins internet

Muneeb Butt, Aiman Khan and their daughter Amal Muneeb are spending vacation.

#NoConfidenceMotion: Muneeb Butt gives his prediction

The actor asked netizens to save his tweet.

Muneeb Butt names his favorite actress

Muneeb Butt said he will play any type of character with her.

Muneeb Butt and Aiza Awan’s video goes viral

Muneeb Butt shared his video with Aiza Awan on TikTok.

Viral video: Aiman Khan’s daughter Amal Muneeb sings cute song

The viral video crossed the 100,000-view mark on Instagram